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It is sometimes referred as imitation or fake sinew. It is basically used in many craft projects which required strength. Unlike natural sinew artificial sinew has a uniform waxy texture and are uniform in color and width and is an excellent substitute for natural sinew. Comes from artificial man made fibers like polypropylene, polyester and nylon. It is flat and ribbon like. Sinew comes in many colors and sizes of loops. Our artificial sinew looks and appeals like a natural sinew. It is best to weave something or to even make dream catchers. We try to give it natural color.  It is very strong and can be used in many binding projects.


Our artificial sinew can be used as multi ply or single ply. For most of the contemporary work artificial sinew is the best choice as it is economical and reliable also. Due to its thickness it is easy to work with. Even for traditional way of crafting artificial sinew is preferred. We take good care of our products to be authentic in representation. It is basically used for reproduction work even. This is the most handiest material found. Being extremely strong and being of same authentic color as of natural sinew it is widely in demand and ready to be used.

we provide different handicraft items. These days handicraft items are in trend as corporate gifting idea. We backed ourselves with sound amenities to give products according to our client demands. Effective techniques are used to get a wide range of products which is effectively priced and is durable with perfect finish and well polished for long lasting looks. We pack our products in fine material to avoid any breakage due to mishandling. Our beautifully carved and textured products are liked by many. Which are carved and crafted by the professional artisans, with our unmatched designs it is the best gifting item as well as a decorative piece too.


Our artisans make comprehensive range of handicrafts items which showcases the true indian craftsmanship. We offer our items in many designs as well in colors and even sizes to suit the client requirements. Our items are made by using optimum range of raw material and well equipped labourers who are free to experiment to get new patterns and designs. We have gained immense popularity of our items being so well furnished and fault free. As we also test our products on all the parameters to maintain the authenticity of our products. Keeping in sync with the changing demands of the market we keep adding new range to our list time to time.

We offer the best in quality ,tangle free, colored and strengthful flat cords. The flat designs makes it more convertible than the traditional round cords. They can support HDMI ports and are having all the capabilities of it. It is miniature form of ribbon cables. The flat cord have many advantages as they are usually rapped by a textile material or a polymer which minimizes the frictional heating in the cord. It needs low friction tapes. They form a high density interconnecting link. Packing density is higher of the flat cord than that of the round cables.


It’s a new revolution in the field as you don’t have to face the entangled cords. These are very easy to use and they don’t collide with each other. They are perfect to be used in either offices or homes. They are safe to be used anywhere and don’t get tangled. The cord can be used again and again as they don’t break or get entangled so that you need to cut them. Our flat cords comes in a whole without any joints or stickiness and are clear and easy to handle. Its use is as easy as applying a command to your computer. They are also used in shoe industry and we have a big list of our clients from this field. It gives the perfect shape to the foot and makes them easy to walk and balance movement. People really love the idea of using flat cord as it is most convenient one.

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